Wednesday, July 15, 2009

quick status of my surgery

Slide 1
Surgery Status

Surgery: 4.5 hours, on Friday 1/7/05, under full anesthesia
-Fresh right ankle graft from a 16 years old male
-Prefect dimension fit
-Allograft fit at first try, pretty uncommon
-Small bone in the ankle broke during surgery, fixed
(bone may have been damaged from previous accident, however, braking of this bone happen in about 10% of transplant)
-Total ankle clean up (from bone residues, scare tissues, …)
-Good recovery at the hospital, in cast
-Flight back home from San Diego on Sunday night (1/9/05)
-Doing very light Physical Therapy until next doctor visit (1/25/05)
-Under medication (antibiotic and pain medicine), sleep a lot
-Need to keep leg elevated, move from bed to sofa on crutches

X-RAY pictures

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Independant Medical Review of Benefits

As many people asked me what had been covered by my insurance, I decided to post the final stage of the story.
I will probably post later the whole story as well as the huge file I collected to fight the insurance company decision.
After my surgery, BC decided that they wouldn't cover some of the cost associated with me ankle allograft. After a long fight, the last option was to present my case in front of DHMC, an independent board review system.
Below is the result of the review (click on the page to it display full screen).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My new blog

I had an ankle allograft in January 2002. The results are fantastic and I have been sharing this wonderful success with many through e-mail and other ways.
I decided to start this blog to make my experience available online, to share the success and incredible outcome of the procedure with others and to provide support to people who are in the process of having to choose a solution for their ankle problems.